I'm Niki, the founder of

The Mind Freedom School

and the creator of this course

I hit a pretty low point in my early 40's when, over a period of three years, I endured many losses in both my personal and professional life. It left me feeling depressed, hopeless, fearful & stuck in a 'pit of despair'. 

In April 2015 my son and I were involved in a life threatening accident. While we miraculously walked away unharmed I felt forever changed because I began to experience my world differently. My stress and sadness had been replaced by joy and appreciation (even though nothing had changed in my life). The shift had taken place WITHIN me and I began to feel the effects in my 'outer' world.

I was so intrigued by this positive adjustment that I began studying the mind, neuroscience & mindfulness and developed simple yet powerful tools & techniques to help manage the mind.

I've been using these tools with my clients all over the world and have witnessed the most incredible transformations and shifts take place over the years.

I've taken these concepts, tools and techniques and put them into an easy to use 35 day programme that can radically change the way you live your life.

'How To Find Peace of Mind No Matter What' is the course I wish had been around when I was searching for a way of getting unstuck.

Its the "how to" programme that will help you manage your mind and bring you closer to your amazing, powerful self.

'How To Find Peace Of Mind No Matter What' is a five week course for people who want the skills to create peace and joy in their lives.

This course is designed in such a way that incremental changes are made over 35 days until your habitual mental patterns begin to shift.

In this programme you'll learn:
  • All about the workings of your mind and how you can become the creator of your experience.
  • How to manage overthinking, ruminating, stressing and worrying so that you feel like you are back in control of your emotional states.
  • Tools to free yourself from your conditioned mind with it's constraining thoughts and self limiting beliefs.
  • About mindfulness and how to use it both formally and informally as a mind management tool.
  • How to respond in a measured and responsible way instead of reacting and regretting your words, choices & behaviour later on.
  • How to be present versus being lost in the illusion of past and present.
  • To implement gratitude as a daily practice.
  • The tools to reset your state of mind in the moment.
  • A perspective shift which improves empathy and insight - the necessary components for positive relationships.
  • To reframe a situation through your focus and words which will ultimately shift your experience.
  • How to use self inquiry as a powerful technique to clear your mind of anxious, negative and stressful thoughts.

This is how it works!

Laura Moavero

"Niki gets down to the business of shifting the mind in order to free what is holding us back from living presently and peacefully. Having been through a traumatic ordeal Niki’s incredible tools helped restore my inner power and guided me back to where I needed to  be....

Her wisdom and guidance saved me from losing who I was in a very short space of time.

One has to experience Niki’s work in order to understand the incredible shift that happens within."


"Using the tools has helped me to take a close look at my thought patterns and enabled me to shift my former way of thinking. This has helped me to look inward and react differently in some situations. I have also come to realise that I am not my thoughts and that my feelings are a result of the thoughts which I give attention to."


"The fundamental truths really changed my perspective. I use them daily. Mindfulness meditation helped me to be more centered, peaceful and refreshed. Thanks Niki for your patience and kind guidance."

'Finding Peace Of Mind No Matter What'

5 Week Course

Personal Investment: R1800.00